Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not addressed below, please feel free to contact us!

  • Do I need a fishing license?

Yes!  Everyone 16 or older will need a license and king salmon stamp, if you plan on fishing for king salmon. Prices for the 2019 season:

license prices.jpg

Buy your license directly from Alaska Fish and Game:

  • When should I come?

If there are specific fish you want to catch, refer to the table below to see when they are biting!  

Peak Fishing.jpg
  • What should I bring?

Bring your camera, sunglasses, and motion sickness medication if you think you might need it! We provide drinks and homemade cookies, but if you need lunch or other snacks, please bring it with you.

  • What should I wear?

The weather in Ketchikan during the summer can be sunny and 70 degrees one day and  pouring down rain and 40 degrees the next.  We recommend dressing in layers so you are comfortable while fishing.  The cabin on the 'Toni Lee' is heated if you need to warm up at any time and we will supply rain gear (coats & pants) for everyone.  Closed toed shoes (waterproof if possible) or rain boots are also recommended.  As a warning, they might get a little bloody when you bring your catch on board!

  • Will I see wildlife?

Ketchikan, and the surrounding area, is home to many different types of wildlife.  Although we can't guarantee it, there is a good chance you could see bald eagles, black bear, Sitka black tail deer, porpoise, dolphin, orca, humpback whales, or sea lions.

  • What will my charter include?

All charters include fishing gear & bait, rain gear (coats & pants), cookies, non-alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages by arrangement), and a knowledgeable & fun captain!

  • How do I get my fish home?

We will take your fish to the processor and they will filet, vacuum pack, and flash freeze your catch. The fish will be placed in a freezer box and shipped overnight to your home, on the day you specify.  You can also check freezer boxes as luggage if you are traveling by air.  If you do not want to keep your fish, we will be happy to catch and release.

***Although marijuana is legal in the state of Alaska, possession of marijuana is illegal on our boat. Casey's license to be a captain is through the federal government and this will be revoked if any drugs are found on the boat.  Thank you for your cooperation.****